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What is responsive web design
In brief, responsive web design is design that is intended to ensure that a website’s lay-out and content change in one fluid move to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. The website responds to the gadget it is being viewed on and delivers the appropriate content to that user.

As described in the graphic below. Yeah Can’s website as viewed on different screens.


Considering responsive web design?
You should be. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. If you are online with a website (what you aren’t?) you need a responsive web design for your site. You do need to accommodate all of your website visitors.

More people are accessing information on mobile devices. Your website needs to invite them to view your site based on the gadget they are using. And not the other way around. You can’t dictate to your visitors what they need to use in order to view your website. The visitor is king. Adapt to her needs.

Here are a few quick stats to show you how mobile technology is changing how people use the web.

* 1.1 Billion Global Smartphone subscribers by end of 2012. Makes it a 42% growth.
* Mobile traffic growth of internet traffic has increased from 4% in 2010 to 13% at end of 2012.
* In some countries such as India more people access the internet on their mobile devices than via desktops.
* Online shopping increased to 24% of sales in 2012 up from 14% the year before

(view Mary Meeker’s talk for more interesting info.)

Make your website responsive
It’s not entirely necessary to have your website rebuilt or redesigned. There are websites where you can make a mobile version of your website in quick time and at little or no costs.

For one such option that we recommend you check out this service.

However, if you have been considering updating your website then perhaps it’s also a good time to have your site redesigned and rebuilt to be responsive. If your website is older than two years it is definitely time to have a new responsive web design site done for you. Ask for more information by emailing us now at talk (‘at,’) yeahcan.com.

No excuses
Whether you are looking for a quick and no-cost solution or are prepared to upgrade your website to be a fully functioning responsive site there are really no excuses not to go with responsive web design. It’s a must for this new mobile age that we are in