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MartinalPreneur.tv goes with Responsive Web Site

Yeah Can’s  Responsive Web Site for MartialPreneurs

MartialPreneurs goes for a Responsive Web Site

When Scott Paterson discussed his new website with Team Yeah Can one of the points that came up was responsive web design and having his new web presence be a responsive web site.

Scott Paterson is not only an innovator in the martial arts space but he also knows what is happening in the technology environment. And one thing that is becoming hugely important is having a web site that is responsive to the different sized gadgets people now use to access the web with.

What is Scott Paterson offering?
Scott, a highly respected and well known martial arts personality, has built a career first as competitor and participant in the sport and in later years as professional martial arts trainer.

It’s a good time to work in martial arts. From a very small beginning, appealing only to a handful of people the sport field of martial arts has grown into a very popular form of sport and fitness activity.

What Scott has realised is that although martial arts specialists might be passionate about their sport and highly skilled they generally don’t have the knowledge to make a decent living from it.

It’s now more important than ever
One thing the recent global recession has taught us is that we can no longer be assured of full time employment. It’s therefore always good to see a business person set up a comprehensive web resource to help people become entrepreneurs.

Everybody has some marketable skills. Add to that passion and you have the possibility of a successful business. But skills and passion are not necessarily going to make it easy for you to set up a business that will make you a living and that is sustainable in the long run.

Any help a budding self-employed person can find is therefore always welcome. Scott Paterson certainly offers this to martial art professionals.

Helping people become good business people
Scott is building his new responsive web site to become the go to resource for martial arts specialists who want to make a living from their sport. Currently his site is focusing on his TV show where he interviews prominent martial arts exponents and practitioners and finds out what has made them a success. Easy to learn messages broadcast in informative and entertaining videos.

It’s definitely a website to look out for especially if you are into martial arts.