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Teamscale - New website design.

Teamscale – New website design.

The Client – a software company

A young University spin-off company called CQSE, which stands for Continuous Quality in Software Engineering, briefed Team Yeah Can to help with the design and coding of a website for their advanced quality analysis tool called Teamscale. The site  needed to use responsive web design.

Teamscale is available at a per user license offering. The tool is used to identify quality deficits in source code and other software development artifacts such as models, documentation etc. It’s used by dev teams to ensure that developers provide high quality code and by managers to check the quality status of their software engineering projects.

Why a website?

The purpose of the website is to present Teamscale to its target market ie. the software community.  The site needs to explain the uses as well as the technical details of the product. There is no intention to sell the product off the website as it is too complex. The website needs to be extendable and function in both English and German.

The main company’s corporate colour, that is CQSE, is orange. It was requested that this colour would also be used for the website for Teamscale however that besides this colour continuation this website would be a new branding exercise.

The site required responsive web design

The website had to be responsive.  Team Yeah Can only provided the HTML as clients would build their own website. It’s rare that Yeah Can only supplies HTML. In general we like to build sites in WordPress. Makes it so much easier for clients to update their sites. Of course dealing with a company with high end programmer and software developers WordPress was not a necessity.

A modern look

Team Yeah Can decided on a high tech modern look for the website. And client approved the design fairly quickly. It’s great to find oneself on the same page. Makes life easy for the client as well as for the Team.

Looking forward to seeing the website up and live.