Let's Get Started

One of the industries currently on the rise is the digital media and social media agencies – these agencies specialize in promoting a company by using social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and the more specialized accounts like Reddit and Stumble upon. Most people hone their craft in big city agencies, and if you already are part of an existing agency, you have a leg up on someone just starting out, but it would be wise to plan your agency from the start.

Professional Guidance

You should consult with a lawyer to talk about both financial and tax prospects, as well as help with the company structure, any insurance protection you might need, and the steps needed to take to register your company with the local and national government bodies. Following this, you will need to visit with your local officials to get the permits and licenses necessary to begin your agency.


Once you have set up your company, you need to decide how you plan to run the agency. Will you handle the administration work only and hire people to set up your business, or will you run pretty much everything yourselves? Of course, there are pluses and minuses no matter which you choose. With employees, you will definitely want to check out portfolios and references carefully. Consider giving out test assignments to see the quality and quickness of the work.


Office location is another important consideration. If most of your employees or contractors are remote workers, working from home would be sufficient, but if you like to be hands on with your team, sufficient space will be required for conference rooms and workstations etc.


Once you have your company up and running, the next important step is to put out a positive message and why people should consider using your company.

Of course, being Internet marketers you’ll be promoting yourselves across the social media channels and should have an attractive website currently making its way up the rankings in Google – this is the main area to showcase your knowledge of your trade and how you excel in it. Aside from social media, there are other ways of drumming up some trade: Smaller companies seem to either not have an online presence or may be making online mistakes, which you would be able to fix. Consider going to local community events and business conferences to speak about digital advertising in general and in particular, your company – a lot of these places will be glad to have someone to speak to and teach low level social media promotion to local businesses – this is when you can hook them in with the larger paid campaigns you run.

Vision and Mission

Finally, find your own personal vision, whatever it may be. Use that vision to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd, keeping in mind that there really is no “one” way to do things. The best way to find success is to be flexible and do things your way. That is not to say you should ignore what your client wants – it’s saying your client may not even know they wanted your idea in the first place. Do not be afraid to share it. There are many social media, SEO and digital media consultants around.  Speciaised companies like Web Bright or AttorneySync who offer SEO services to Attorneys are good examples. It’s a good idea to consider where you want to be and position your self in the bustling market.

Social media is here to stay with millions of people i.e. prospective customers using it every day, so this is a growth area that is a very viable area to go into. You will be helping businesses generate revenue for the economy and pulling people into the digital age.