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Responsive Web Designs
Amongst web designers and a fair number of business owners the concept of responsive web designs is becoming well known. After all when one hears that more and more people are checking websites via their mobile phones or tablets you know you have to consider that websites need to work on a range of gadgets and screen sizes. In fact the range of monitors is mind blowing.

Are you ready for a mobile friendly website?
Not? You should be. Your customers, visitors, clients are migrating to their mobile phones in big numbers. And what’s worse, once they have found your website not to be mobile friendly they don’t come back. That is over 40% of them don’t. That’s a big chunk of possible customers.

Here are 3 great responsive web designs by Yeah Can

Yeah Can’s new site

Yeah Can's responsive web design site

Yeah Can’s responsive web design site

Let’s start at home. Team Yeah Can redesigned and rebuilt their own website at the end of 2012. After all if you preach responsive web designs to your clients you better get your own house in order.

The problem with responsive web design is that it’s not just a quick fix solution. The entire site needs to be rebuilt. There is no tweaking, quick drop in of a bit of code, a restyled design or even the wave of a magic wand. A site has to be redesigned and re-engineered from basics up.

Scott Paterson Martial Arts Entrepreneur

Martialpreneurs has responsive web designs

Martialpreneurs has responsive web designs

Scott, one of the more forward thinking business people, has a great business concept. With the popularity of fight clubs and martial arts gyms exploding, Scott realised that there could be lucrative careers for martial arts trainers. But at the same time these highly specialised and skilled martial arts instructors might have no idea how to go about getting a business set up around their name.

Introducing Martialpreneur and you have a website that is going to be set up as the definitive guide to people wishing to create a business around their martial arts skills. Scott already has a TV show and this new site was designed and built around this popular programme.

Sydney Arborist

Sydney Arborist goes responsive web design

Sydney Arborist goes responsive web design

When a client such as Sydney Arborist has a library of fantastic images, it’s really super easy to create a site that is visually stunning. Tree services specialist Antony was able to provide a range of images that made it easy to design and build a site that easily showcased the service he provides to the environment.

Not only are the shots of the grounds and gardens beautiful but the images also provide a clear view of how dangerous the profession is with arborists having to spend their time suspended off branches while wielding heavy saw equipment. Not for the faint hearted.

Need to make your website mobile friendly?
Most definitely. No matter whether you are offering a design service, or advice to entrepreneurs or even a tree maintenance service you will surely find many of your customers are going to use their smartphones to visit your website.