California based White Label Web Design Partner The Sherwood Group wins Gold at the American Advertising Awards

Gold Award

American Advertising Awards


Unbeknown to Yeah Can, Will Sherwood the CEO of The Sherwood Group submitted his client’s website to The American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs). Will loved the new website designed and built by Yeah Can and felt it had a good chance of winning. He was right!

It’s the first White Label Web Design partner who thought that an award was on the cards and he went for it. It’s still an entry for The Sherwood Group and it’s a win for The Sherwood Group no matter that it was in fact Yeah Can’s website. The name Yeah Can doesn’t feature on the Award Certificate although Yeah Can’s designer and techie are mentioned by name.

It’s a White Label rule. You as the White Label Web Design partner get all the credit and praise. It’s your portfolio item and you get to show it off. Of course you have to actually enter to get an award. But why not. The Sherwood Group did and got a pat on the back by the American Advertising Federation. The client, Forza Construction, was delighted to receive the plaque to hang on their reception wall.

Well done Will Sherwood of The Sherwood Group and Forza Construction. Winners on all fronts.

Full permission was given by Will Sherwood to showcase the award and to mention his and his client’s name.


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